The .Net Code to hook up to Flickr

The process of hooking up the Flickr API to .Net has been made incredibly by the fine folks at Wacky Labs Just get yourself a Flickr API Key and with the Wacky Lab code, you will have your first app done in less than 15 minutes.
A Quick Example
Here is the code that used to retrieve 9 different numbers from Flickr. The Flickr part is really simple, and the only complicated part is trying to ensure that the numbers are not from the same set - so they don't look alike.

Dim oFlick As New FlickrNet.Flickr("Your Flickr API key goes here")
Dim oPhotos As FlickrNet.Photos
Dim iC As Integer
Dim iNum As Integer
Dim sNumTitle As String
Dim iLastPage As Integer
Dim iCurrPage As Integer
Dim iPages As Integer
Dim hsNumbers(9) As StringCollection
Dim sJS As String


For iC = 1 To 9
    hsNumbers(iC) = New StringCollection

For iPages = 1 To 2
    Do While iCurrPage = iLastPage
        iCurrPage = Int(Rnd() * 8) + 1
    iLastPage = iCurrPage
    oPhotos = oFlick.GroupPoolGetPhotos("54718308@N00", 100, iCurrPage)

    For iC = 0 To 99
        sNumTitle = " " & oPhotos.PhotoCollection(iC).Title & " "
        For iNum = 1 To 9
            If InStr(sNumTitle, " " & iNum & " ") > 0 Then
            End If

sJS = ""
For iC = 1 To 9
    iNum = Int(Rnd() * hsNumbers(iC).Count)
    Response.Write("<img width=50 height=50 src='" & hsNumbers(iC)(iNum) & "' border=0><br>")

Hamster Sudoku Another sudoku site using Flickr. I found this site once I had finished, Doh!.

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